Conquering Rest Challenges And Securing Rest Api Endpoints – Slashdot Effect

 slashdot effect Actually a BitTorrent download only consumes bandwidth in either direction when it’s started, and immediately stops uploading whenever it’s done downloading. BitTorrent peers don’t act as alwaysup servers like Napster ones do. By submitting my Email address I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Declaration of Consent.

This meant that every single site on the Internet was marked as harmful, including

When it during 55 minutes accidentally flagged all URL, you may remember the incident that Google had on January 31.s containing / as a potential malware site. Besides, the site got a lot traffic that it crashed.

 slashdot effect Therefore this incident effectively created a DDoS attack on the website as a decent part of the people accessing Google Search tried visiting this page.

We have a very telling traffic graph from Alexa.

It seems like the site continued to receive loads of extra traffic for a couple of days afterwards when the news about the incident spread around the Web.

Another interesting aftereffects of Google’s malware warning incident was that there were about 5 times as many searches for the term malware on the day of the incident, probably as people were making an attempt to find out what it’s and why Google was warning them about it. Fact, google is this particular giant on the Internet that any changes to its homepage will affect the behavior of a huge group of Web users, and this was an excellent example. Now look. While referring people to visit StopBadware, everyone who actually clicked on a link was met with an information page that the site could contain malware. Then the effect is obviously a great deal more noticeable on smaller sites and the surge in traffic sometimes will slow a site down or make it impossible to reach.

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