In That Case You Can Be Justified In Using Your Firearm Or Knife To Protect Yourself: Mob Mentality…Escaping From Riots And Flash Mobs

flash crowd By the way I would like to thank you for posting to in response to our questions.

If you will, any and all information from the horses mouth, is always greatly appreciated.

We don’t often get direct answers, usually just banal quips from clueless hacker dudes. It shifts into P2Pish sharing only when the server’s load gets high, bitTorrent is Bram Cohen’s software approach to similar solution. Whenever easing the server’s burden, only after users install the Swarmcast client software on their PCs, the Swarmcast ‘serverside’ software breaks requested content into pieces which are shared user to user by the client software. Swarmcast was developed by OpenCola, a Canadian software company. Essentially, the approach is extremely interesting being that the more people attempting to get at particular content, the easier that sharing becomes since the larger number of users. Having dealt with some pretty unruly crowds at work, I have been caught up in a few riots during my third world travels.

flash crowd There were others as well.

In Brazil, To be honest I was tear gassed by the police as long as I was in the middle of a huge fight and riot that broke out after a 600000 person concert on the beach.

I’ve seen some pretty crazy crowds. Needless to say, in Peru I was even stuck in a riot where amongst the rioters was shot by the military. By the way I wouldn’t stop either, I actually wouldn’t intentionally run someone over. Furthermore, pick a route and slowly drive through the crowd. You could be out of the mess soon, your car will likely be damaged. KEEP MOVING, Therefore if you are in your car and are surrounded by rioting criminals. Notice that don’t stop and allow them to open your doors or break your windows to drag you out. In any the bad spots I found myself in, it was relativelyvery easy to get out without having to resort to violence myself. She can usually get away before things get if a person uses some intuition and keeps a decent situational awareness.

flash crowd You still should be justified in using deadly force to protect yourself, even if you are attacked by unarmed rioters.

Everyone who is in the riot is thought of as a criminal.

Be very careful, if you do choose to use a firearm. It’s easy to lose a gun in a crowd. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Knife might actually be the better tactical choice as I know it’s harder to take away from you, won’t hit others in the crowd if the round misses or over penetrates, and won’t cause even more chaos in the already panicked mass of people. Police often won’t differentiate between a criminal and a legally armed citizen making an attempt to protect himself in a situation just like this, as bad as it may sound. Anyway, in that case, you can be justified in using your firearm or knife to protect yourself. Criminals shooting guns get shot by the police. Beware that the police may have posted snipers who could shoot you if they see you have a gun.

Figure out how to make an inconspicuous draw, conceal your weapon in hand, and shoot from the retention position. Multiple attackers using their fists and feet can constitute a reasonable perception of the risk of serious physical harm or death. Stay Dangerous. Reposting’ this one in the hopes that it may provide globally. They don’t produce heat. Use caution with these, they start spraying massive quantities of gas whenever you push the button. Besides, protesters wearing gas masks can pick them up and throw them back at you. There’s no delay. Oftentimes pepper Spray or smoke grenades might be a viable option if rioters block the roadway and attack your vehicle.

I’d say if, despite your best efforts to avoid problem areas, you find yourself surrounded by a flash mob or overtaken by a riot, quickly get your back to a wall.

Often the crowd will ignore you and pass right by, I’d say in case you fade back to a wall and stop moving.

I’ve found this tactic works very well. Remember, that way you won’t be surrounded and will only have to deal with a few people at a time. Remember that safety in this case may not be the band of police in their riot gear with batons out and ready! As a result, you must act decisively, if you are attacked and you don’t have any spray. Eventually, move to the outside of the group of attackers to stack them, or line them up you only have to fight one at a time, I’d say if possible.

Violently attack the gang and either use him as a temporary shield or blast through him to make your escape, Therefore in case you do get surrounded. In any circumstances do not just blindly run away, you might be running into an area where look, there’re more problems.

Run TOWARD safety, instead of running AWAY from the criminals. Make sure you do not get caught in the middle of two or more attackers. Organize yourself and plan your escape, when you get your back to a wall. Whenever deflecting people off to the side, move along walls Therefore in case you are wearing a backpack, or purse. Besides, holding both arms in front of you with your hands gether in a wedge shape will making an attempt to take it from you. Look for gaps. Turning your shoulders will also help.

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