You Are Being Sent

flash crowd They know what they can and can’t do in the course of the flash mob because Flash mob organizers should always provide a list of guidelines to their participants. Improv Arizona organized a pillow fight for International Pillow Fight Day at a local open air mall in Here were plenty of guidelines we gave to our participants. Typically, we are talking about posted to the Internet within minutes or hours of the event. So there’re enduring legal implications, quite a few flash mob participants assume that their involvement in the flash mob ends when the event is over and the group disperses. For the most part there’re usually photos and videos from the event, taken by the organizers’ photographers and videographers and by the audience. Tara is the 41year old mother of Liam and Quinn.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer, when Tara was 30 weeks pregnant with Quinn.

Whenever keeping living she can stay here and keep mothering because, almost any single day she is fighting, heal, keep sistering. She is fighting. Anyways, tricia’s son has Asperger syndrome and struggled in school.

flash crowd So a woman named Tricia wrote to us about Eileen.

That’s until the year he walked into Eileen’s classroom.

Eileen is a Angel. For instance, Tricia’s son became who Tricia’s son was meant to be, as long as of Eileen. This is the case. Eileen’s love and skill and determination invited Tricia’s son forward for the first time. Considering the above said. Eileen does not raise children in her home she raises them in her classroom. This is the case. LIFE. Oftentimes for two days I didn’t shower or really eat, I just laid there wondering what on Earth was happening to my body while knowing exactly what was happening to my body. I knew it wasn’t my Lyme. On the third morning I woke up and I didn’t hurt anymore. I crawled into bed and stayed there fortwo days. I already knew that. I’m sure you heard about this. I ld my family it was my Lyme. Now let me tell you something. Everything felt light again. That’s right! My body was in deep, heavy pain. Normally, I got out of bed and I opened up my computer and a notification ld me that Mindy had died.

flash crowd Eileen is also a Warrior.

She said no, thank you to that offer.

Eileen found another doctor who believes she can beat the stupid odds. We will Actually I received an email from a woman who was very afraid. Just keep reading! Amanda immediately began dedicating her life to raising money for women who can not afford cancer treatment. You read those sentences right. Although, amanda was diagnosed with cervical cancer and after treatment she learned that she fell into the 5 of women who are not expected to recover.

Amanda has raised letter will explain that her mother, Mindy, was this incredible woman that one day in May,hundreds of thousands ofwomen from all over the world came gether and gave of themselves to create a Lana fund.

Look, that’s what actually is planning to happen for Lana.

Inside that write might be a letter from me.

Lana will understand that this write is her motherwalking her from her childhood into her adulthood. Holding her hand. THROUGH US. That’s interesting. She will feel it. We know this Angel Warrior is worthy of your love. She needs to feel that the world has not abandoned her and instead is sending mighty forces to her aid. I can’t tell you the names or offer you any pictures of our lastfamily. Anyways, come alongside her. You are being Sent. Essentially, for legal and privacy reasons, so here’s all we can tell you. She is fighting for custody of her baby boy, whose father is calling her cancer reason enough to remove her son from her home. Seriously. Those forces are YOU. Now let me tell you something. We know each detail. Generally, mama is very sick. She healed them as a doctor with her big brain and she healed them with the love she so freely offered from her big heart. Every of the women you are about to meet is a Angel to her family and community.

We are intending to SHOW UP FOR THEM TODAY as they show up for the world.


Mindy spent her life healing people. We are preparing to step in and show these Angel Warriors that their lives are worth our time and our money and our love. Some information can be found on the internet. Any is also a Warrior fighting a battle against cancer. Essentially, even when she got sick -especially after she got sick -she kept on healing others. In Mindy’s honor, we are planning to step into the lives of the following four women. Amanda as she recognizes the gifts she is given in this lifetime and partly since she simply does not need to be forgotten.
She has decided to show up for as long as her body will warrior on. Eventually, that’s what needs to happen. We will be certain that very soon, very, very soon, Amanda is sitting with her es in the sand -watching her boys splash in the ocean while holding her husband’s hand. Certainly, amanda’s friend ld us that the beach is Amanda’s happy place. We are planning to send Amanda and her precious boys and her warrior husband to the beach with whatever accommodations Amanda needs. Actually, you may do by clicking the button below, So in case you will like to the MSMD general fund that supports families throughout the year.

Together, We Can Do Hard Things.

We DID hard things.

We have no overhead all of your donations go directly to families, because SMD is run by an all volunteer Board.

Love that you pour out in these Love Flash Mobs continues yearround through the ‘lifegiving’ work of Monkee See -Monkee Do. You should take this seriously. We can do hard things. For example, since, certainly, you ARE it. We will tell you ALL ABOUT IT, as always. Your gifts could be like, ‘reallyyou’ guys can stop calling anytime now. I can not stop crying and I will never, ever forget this day for as long as I live and I love you. I LOVE YOU. She gets to call them and tell them that Help is Coming. You guys.. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

I can not believe I get to do this life with you. Another question isSo the question is this. HOW DID WE GET SO LUCKY???? I can’t believe I have any tears LEFT. TO BECOME MEMBERS OF THIS CRAZY, UNBELIEVABLE, GRACE FILLED CREW?? All the tears. THANK YOU. Then again, tO FALL TOGETHER AND THEN WALK THROUGH LIFE TOGETHER?? Lana won’t get to be raised by her mama. Actually the fact remains that Lana didn’t get to be MOTHERED by Mindy for long enough. We are intending to step in and offer our hands. Thank God, she is raised by an incredible father named Jordan and a beautiful village made up of Mindy’s friends and family. Generally, lana will KNOW -through them -how incredible her mama was. Mindy didn’t get to hold Lana’s hand and walk Lana into her LIFE. Needless to say, we will raise a small fund for Lana.

Then the next day I asked all of you to do an act of kindness for her.

We celebrated.

Mindy ld me that as she received her chemo, she watched our list of acts grow and grow, and that we made her feel loved and brave. Then, after much treatment and warriordom. We called it Mindy Monday. Our emails to each other were verydifferent, after that. Also, one sentence. Now look. Hers were short. Mindy had emergency surgery. She was worried about her brain. She could practice thinking and writing since She asked me to write back to her any day. Just keep reading! In the course of the surgery, they removed part of her brain.

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