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 slashdot effectAnother question isSo the question is this. Is it allowed and does it work?

We use Google Javascripts for showing Ads with Google Adsense and monitoring traffic using Google Analytics.

Does it make sense, to take these scripts and combine them with your Javascripts to improve performance? Notice, what about Javascript from Google? In the case of a WordPress blog, say for instance bin fully managed dedicated servers/,upon visiting the Bargain Bin blog link, the server where is hosted will need to perform a couple of tasks to render the page and send it the HTML results back.

 slashdot effect Under extended peak traffic periods, these tasks when repeated continuously overwhelm the server and cause it to slow down and sometimes to crash.

Whenever querying the database, and retrieving files from disk amongst other tasks, the tasks consist of running PHP scripts. It gives you much needed breathing room to plan ahead must the spike continue for weeks. In most cases, servers collapse as long as the serverside processing that needs to occur to produce the HTML that sent to the browser. Here on this blog, we are intending to cover one trick that is used in Web social circles to weather shortlived traffic storms. So this trick is effective and does the job Whether Perl with a database backend,, or the serverside script is written in PHP, Ruby. You also agree that your personal information might be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. By submitting my Email address I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Declaration of Consent.

 slashdot effect While bypassing all of that heavy processing, So if all the server does is produce the HTML code and send it back to the browser, we the above-mentioned rules before the WordPress rules.
Now that we obtained the HTML, we are planning to add a.htaccess rule to temporarily redirect all requests to the article /2010/03/bargainbinfullymanageddedicatedserversbargainbin.html. Basically the GET command comes as part of the libwwwperl package, that is available for both Linux and Windows. So 302 rule means that it’s a temporary redirect.

That’s so it’s website optimization friendly and does not break your links as SE see them.

I hope you enjoyed this short article.

Consider that must you be one of our customers, we could be very happy to complete this workaround on your server for no extra charge. Those instructions can work for about any CMS or portal. Increasingly about any ‘technologyrelated’ subject, the effect gets its name from the Slashdot Web site, a discussion forum originally about Linux and related software. Did you know that the effect is obviously far more noticeable on smaller sites and the surge in traffic sometimes will slow a site down or make it impossible to reach. Now look, the Slashdot Effect is the sudden, relatively temporary surge in traffic to a Web site that occurs when a ‘hightraffic’ Web site and similar source posts a story that refers visitors to another Web site. However, the Slashdot Effect can be perceived when any large Web site posts a ‘high interest’, widely publicized story about another site.

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