NetEnt Games - Return to Player

In the past, if you want to play any kind of casino game, you have to go to a land-based casino and probably spend several hours waiting for the game to be free. However, with the advancement in the online gaming sphere, it's now possible for you to play casino games from home on your desktop and mobile devices. NetEnt is one of the game software development companies that creates these games found in many online casinos. Throughout this extensive article, we'll be talking about Return to Player of games developed by NetEnt. Go to to find top online casinos that showcase NetEnt games in their lobby.

  • RTP is a theoretical percentage of how much a game will give as winnings.
  • NetEnt games have high RTP rates, an average of 96%.

In simple terms, RTP is a portion of the total amount that casino players wager on a specific game which will go back to them as winnings. It is a theoretical percentage value that tells you how much the game is likely going to pay. For instance, if you play a NetEnt game that has a default RTP of 96%, and the amount that is wagered on that game during the course of its lifespan is $100. Then the amount that is retired as winnings is $97. Visit for top NetEnt game reviews.

Let's take a moment to understand the example cited in the paragraph above. If you look back at the example, you'll notice that the return from the game is not equal to the total amount wagered. So where does the difference go? Well, the difference which is $3 in that example is the amount that the casino profit from featuring the game. In casino terms, this is called the House Edge. When selecting a casino game, you want to make sure that the House Edge is lower and the RTP is higher as this means more winnings from the game.

  1. Gonzo’s Quest - 96%
  2. Hot City - 96.10%
  3. Starburst - 96.10%
  4. Cosmic Fortune Progressive - 96.90%
  5. Blood Sucker - 97%
  6. Blitz Blackjack Silver - 99.50%
  7. Branded Casino Perfect Blackjack - 99.66%

The list above shows the RTP of some of the most played NetEnt games. You can notice that the RTP value falls between 92% to 99%. Many experienced players consider games with an RTP below 90% to be too low and thus they tend to avoid them. You can also notice from the list that there are few NetEnt games with RTP rates over 99%. One thing you need to know about RTP is that it is the same whether you are playing the game on your desktop computer or mobile device. To check the RTP of NetEnt games, click on the "i" button on the screen of the game.

There are a few games from NetEnt that have variable RTP values. Games such as Hotline have a different RTP value in the base game and bonus mode. During the base game mode, the RTP of the game is 96.13%, but as soon as you activate the bonus feature that is included in the game, the RTP becomes 97.04%. As we've stated earlier, RTP is only a theoretical value, so it may be a little bit different from one casino to the other. Why not go ahead and start playing NetEnt games with amazing RTP rates, and you may be lucky to win big.